Our team consists of qualified transport specialists and lawyers with higher education who are ready to provide consultations in Lithuanian, Polish, English and Russian languages. At the beginning of the activity of the company, the goal was to form a team that knows what every single customer needs and would be able to find an answer to each customer’s question. We also get help from the partners abroad.


The vision of the Small Partnership Tokara LT is to become a well-known, profitable company offering new and advanced transport services not only in Lithuania but also in Europe by guaranteeing quality and agreed terms of performance.


The mission of Tokara LT is to honestly and promptly fulfil all obligations by developing long-term cooperation with current and future customers and partners of the company by offering mature and actual solutions of the situation, by increasing the company’s value and developing the company’s activities not only in Lithuania but also in Europe and by creating an environment of higher quality for business, society and people.


The main aim of Tokara LT is development of business, customer support around the clock, the acquisition of the latest technologies for such purpose and maintenance of a good company name. These goals are accompanied by timely performance of services, quality and favourable price.