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for a legal person

Fleet management software of Tokara LT is designed for companies with several or several dozens of vehicles including passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Proven fact – the companies which entrust their fleet to our team can save up to 35 % of the company’s costs and spend precious time doing something more interesting. The biggest advantage that all the work is done for you by a team of professionals. It means that you no longer need to hire additional staff. This saves your company’s money that would be intended to pay remuneration for the staff. In addition, the company’s accounting is facilitated because for all the received services you receive only one invoice. This also helps to reduce additional administrative costs.

Tokara LT can offer both one-time services and long-term contracts for legal entities according to individual needs of each company..


Fleet information

Backup copy of documents and information of fleet. All data in one place.


We will remind you of all vehicle servicing and maintenance works. You will be also informed about the end of insurance or technical inspection, change of oils, etc.

Detection of defects and their repair

We will detect all breakdowns and offer several solutions to repair them. We will repair the breakdowns immediately or during the current vehicle repair – depending on the type of the breakdown.

Administration of insured events

In the event of an accident, we will register the event, arrange all the necessary documents, and take care of correct payment of damages and repair of the vehicle.

Maintenance works

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, we will plan and carry out technical maintenance or periodic works. This will reduce the risk of car breakdown at the most unfavorable time.

Drivers’ information management

Detailed drivers’ information tracking. We remind of the end of validity of drivers’ licenses and other documents.

Other services tailored to the needs of each customer are available 24 hours a day.