Who are we ?

Our team consists of competent, highly educated transport specialists, lawyers and independent property appraisers in Lithuanian, Polish, English and Russian languages. At the beginning of the company, the goal was to form a team that knew what each client needed and was able to find the answer to every question the client asked. Our partners abroad also help us with this.

We speak your language!

The mission of MB Tokara LT is to fulfill all its obligations honestly and expeditiously by developing long-term cooperation with the Company’s existing and future clients and partners, offering mature and relevant solutions, increasing the company’s value and developing its activities not only in Lithuania but Europe a quality environment for business, society and people.

Our services:

Evaluation of motor vehicles


Shortened vehicle valuation process:

Contract with an expert and data analysis

Inspection of the valued property;

Preparation of the report

Submission and delivery of documents for the client.

Who does the property valuation?

The property valuation report is prepared by a property valuer who holds a certificate of qualification of property valuer and since 1988 working in the field of motor vehicle damage assessment, constantly improving his skills in both auto repair technology and property valuation. The property appraiser is assisted by certified assistants.

According to the type of vehicle Check out what property valuation options we have prepared


Determining the market value of a vehicle

Automotive repair (recovery) cost calculation

Damage assessment after an accident (accident)

“Standard” Package

“Premium” Package


from 99 €.


from 95 €.

Freight transport

from 130 €.

Other movable items

The price is negotiated individually

Additional services

Determination of residual value

– Impairment of a vehicle due to an accident;
– Evaluation of historic vehicles;

Additional services price adjusted individually

Special offer:

Valuation of a car for the purpose of obtaining compensation, for example to Sodra for compensationprice 65 €

* In case of encumbrance of evaluation conditions (unpopular vehicle, commercial transport) a 20% – 45% surcharge is applied to the price;


The vision of MB Tokara LT e-shop is to become a well-known, profitable company offering the latest and most advanced tools not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe, guaranteeing quality, fast service and the best price.
The range is constantly expanding, penetration into the construction sector and the food sector has begun.
The company promptly and qualitatively provides paint thickness gauge rental services.
We Don’t Stop Growing!

Product categories:

Alcohol breathalyzer, tester

Distance meters

Paint thickness gauges

Coating gauges (industrial)

Humidity meters

Others car gauges and testers

Video recorders, camcorders

Battery chargers, testers, starting devices

Painting equipment, stands, tools for smoothing dents

Voltage and current meters, electrical indicators

Voltage converters (converters)

Other products

    If you have questions about a product (online store) or vehicle pricing in Lithuania, please contact: